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Discount Airlines Disrupt Seasonal Savings

You’ve heard the terms high season and low season.

But thanks to airlines like Air Asia, Norwegian Air Shuttle, WOW, and Hainan Airlines, among others, there’s very little seasonality left in travel, especially when it comes to ticket prices.

Yes, there are still high demand times right before a holiday, but on balance, there’s been a year-long airfare sale out there, especially for international flights, and it promises to continue well into 2018.

Consider this: It’s now cheaper to fly from Hartford, Connecticut to Europe than it is to take the shuttle from Washington D.C. to New York.

It’s cheaper to fly from Los Angeles to Dublin than it is to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

It sounds absurd, but it’s true.

With the dollar staying strong against many foreign currencies, the time might be perfect to throw out your conditioning and be a contrarian traveler by heading overseas.

Some fares are so low, that you might even want to treat yourself to a business class ticket, which in many cases, is still less than some legacy airline coach ticket prices.

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