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Four Star Hotels of Lucknow

Lucknow City is called the City of Nawabs. It is located at the Gomti river banks. This is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This was founded by Nawab Asaf ud Daula. It was called the city of Nawabs because it was the former capital of nawabs of Awadh. Lucknow City is also warmly reputed for its courteous culture that also has very mouthwatering delicacies.

This city has undergone a tremendous modernization process but still it has managed to maintain the old charm and glory of the place. The place has always offered a hospitable personality to all its visitors. It always warmly welcomes its customers. The place also offers formality that businessmen are looking for. The Lucknow is a city with the literature, music and dance to attract visitors. It also has the arts and crafts to be proud of. This is a city closer to the glorious day. Your trip to India would be best if you can visit the Lucknow City.

Lucknow has a very magical charm to offer its visitors. They have the nice delicious cuisines. These cuisines can make your heart melt in culture. This city can leave a memory worth remembering for to all its visitors. The flats with replaced the Nawabi mansions still has the charismatic beauty of the mansion. The city has a lot of hotel that surrounds it. There are two four star hotels here, namely Hotel Deep Palace and Hotel Sagar International.

The Hotel Deep Palace is richly decorated with tranquil heritage. It retains a warm ambiance in strict compliance to their traditions. This is located in the heart of the Lucknow City. It has all modern facilities. It has 42 double rooms all having an AC suite. These rooms contain a lawn facing window. It has a wall carpet and all other important room amenities are present. Its restaurant is the Firdaus which offers multi cuisine restaurants. This is also a bar with different kinds of food.

The hotel has a conference room that can be spacious and intimate. There is also a plush hall with 300 sits for large gatherings. The hotel also offers secretarial services for all your business needs. The chefs of their restaurants always offer new food because they keep experimenting for new menus. They always bring different range of cuisines. The Deep Palace hotel always makes sure that they offer services with all professionalism. This stands from their services top their amenities.

Hotel Sagar International has the motto “customer satisfaction is the thing to keep in mind. They have luxuries at an affordable price.” This hotel has 60 rooms that include a suite and modern amenities. They have the Atithi Devo Bhava, the ancient hospitality. The hotel only hires the best staff who are all ready to give their assistance when needed.

Even when talking of dining, they have two restaurants to be proud of, – the Grand Princess which is a multi cuisine restaurant and the Dasaprakash Restaurant which has the Indian delicacies of the south. The hotel also has the answers for the business needs of their clients. They have the conference places and banquet halls. These are available by different packages or arrangements. They also offer catering services, for special gatherings.

Lucknow has many more hotels aside from these two. These two are just the four star hotels of Lucknow City. See some of the best hotels during your visit to Lucknow City. You may have cheap hotel prices. You can also search online for good budget.

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