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Here’s What REALLY Happened When The Obamas Vacationed With Richard Branson

Turns out the Obamas had even more fun in the Caribbean than previously thought.

Billionaire Richard Branson describes his time hosting the power couple on his private resort, Necker Island, in his new autobiography “Finding My Virginity.”

Aside from kiteboarding and wearing flip-flops, the couple also got down ― er, up ― on the dance floor at the end of their 10-day trip back in January, Branson writes.

On the last night they had the delightful idea of holding a party for all the staff on Necker and Moskito [Island] they had come into contact with. Alongside [Branson’s daughter Holly] and myself, they were the first up onto the bar dancing with us, getting the party going, making everybody feel at home and welcome. There were a couple of local women who looked a bit lonely on the sidelines, watching other people enjoying themselves. Barack and Michelle made a point of going over to them, inviting them into the group and dancing with them. They made time for everybody.

Obama dancing on a bar?! Be still our tiny hearts.

Branson also showed the former first couple around the area, taking them to Virgin Gorda and Anegada’s Horseshoe Reef, one of the largest in the world.

Amidst some casual political talk, the group also played tennis, pool and a spin on pool called snooker, according to Branson.

“I quickly realized Barack is a superb natural sportsman, and I suspect he’ll be beating us all on the tennis court on their next visit,” he wrote. “I’m proud to say I won our chess duel, though!”

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