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Limousines – Buy Them Or Rent Them?

Going to a party, corporate event or wedding in style is an extra plus, and going there by being ferried by a limousine definitely adds an extra touch of luxury and elegance. Limousines have always been symbols of elegance, style and glamor.

The rich and famous have always been ferried from one place to another in luxurious vehicles like these. For people who want to experience the thrill of riding in cars like these, renting out one would be a suitable option, since there are a lot of rental companies to choose from these days, and with varying rates.

Renting limousines Is A More Economical Option For Most

People generally rent limousines mainly to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, bachelor party, corporate affair, or a glitzy night on the town. However, these days, limousines are rented out for just about any occasion imaginable. You can rent a limousine for birthday parties, school graduations, out-of-town trips with loved ones and the like. The benefit of renting limousines is that it provides for good service at low costs Limousine rental costs may vary based on a number of factors, and would depend on either the rental time, type of Limousine, time of the week, geographic area, distance Involved in rental and ground transport type.

In hiring a limousine, most services require a minimum hourly booking, which is usually 3 hours. In high-demand periods, such as the spring, hourly minimums can increase to 5, 6, and sometimes 8 hours. In addition, a limousine service charges a standard gratuity which is based on the total fare. Gratuities rates are between 15 to 20%. If your total rental bill is $ 300, you should expect to be charged a $ 45- $ 60 gratuity charge. There are a lot of limousine companies to choose from, with each offering their own services and rates.

Renting out limousines offers people the flexibility of choosing which company to hire, and in selecting the most affordable or competitive rates. This would be a more economical option than buying one, since for example, the standard price for buying a limo, such as the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo, would run to around USD $ 85,000, depending on whatever amenities or features are added into the vehicle .

The universal purposes and use of limousines, both the standard and stretch variants, have radically changed through the years. We may expect the limo to be used for all of the original reconsiders, however the reasons have expanded to include just about anything a person desires to have a memorable and luxurious occasion. The limousine has grown to be an event in itself instead of just a mode of transportation to and from an event.

Limousines have moved away from just simply transporting more people than a normal sedan. Newer accessories and add-ons, as well as amenities of modern limousines rival those of the most high-end night club or hotel room. There is no end in sight with regards to the rapid development of the limousine industry, which is a wonderful salute to the innovative wisdom of its creators in the early 1920's.

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