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Should You Book a Temperature Guarantee at a Hotel?

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It’s that time of year for the temperature or weather guarantee offered by a number of hotels and resorts.

It’s an interesting stunt, but some smart travelers play the game very well.

One hotel in Bermuda, for example, offers the following deal: your room will be free if the temperature doesn’t reach 71 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime this month.

In January, the thermometer must top 63 degrees during the day between January and March.

Knowing what Bermuda’s winter temperatures run, is this an offer worth checking out?

Well, whether it’s Bermuda or any other resort or destination making a similar temperature guarantee, you still need to get down to a definition of terms.

Is it just that the temperature reaches a certain mark, or does the hotel use an average temperature over an eight- or twelve-hour period? That’s the key.

If it’s the former, you might want to roll the dice and book the room.

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