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The Mini Site Formula Review – Make Full Time Income Using the $ 3 Formula

The Mini Site Formula claims to teach you how to earn $ 3 a day building mini website. But, how to make $ 3 a day? Are you kidding? Why bother? If you think that it's not worth the time learning how to earn $ 3 a day building small website, you're right. Nobody in his right mind would think otherwise.

However, what if you can build 100 such mini sites and each earns you $ 3 a day? Now you have $ 300 a day or $ 9,000 a month or $ 108,000 a year. This sounds more promising, does not it? But is it achievable?

In a nutshell, that's what the mini site formula will do. It will show you how to build a small website in 30 minutes that will earn you $ 3 a day. It has the complete training videos that show you the exact steps you need to take to produce these sites – one at a time until you reach whatever the goal you set.

There are 5 modules in the Mini Site Formula's training videos:

Module # 1: How To Make Massive Profits With Tiny Websites

In the first module, you will learn why it's worth to build mini websites that will generate small income. What niche markets you should be involved in, how to select the right keywords and how to quickly monetize your sites. You will see step-by-step instructions on how to build tiny websites quickly. This module will make you wondering why you have not thought of these ideas before.

Video Module # 2: The Quick & Easy Way To Build Your Mini-Sites

The 2nd module will show you the nuts and bolts of setting up and building mini site easily and quickly. Be prepared to do some actual works here. Do not worry if you have not built any website before, The Mini Site Formula will reveal a fast and simple way to build your websites even if you know nothing about HTML!

Video Module # 3: The Guts of Your Mini Site

Once you've set up your first site, you'll now need to add the content. Joel Peterson (the creator of this product) will explain what kind of content you should be adding and where to get it. You'll learn how to create fresh and original content that both the visitors and the search engines like.

Video Module # 4: Promoting Your Mini Sites

This is a very important module as traffic is the key to success online. But, before that the owner has one more trick up his sleeve as he shows you how to get your new site indexed by Google under 30 minutes. Then, he'll teach you everything you need to know to drive targeted traffic to your site. Next, you'll learn another foolproof strategy for making your site rank well on the search engine's result page.

Video Module # 5: Scaling For Massive Growth & Profits

Remember we mentioned the strategy of growing $ 3 multiple times in the beginning of the article? Well, in this module, you'll learn how to implement this strategy. This is the secret of focusing on what works and taking something on a small scale and rapidly expanding it to get BIG results.

What I appreciate most from The Mini Site Formula's training course is that the owner / teacher has left no stone unturned. There is no fluff or long personal stories, the trainer goes straight to the point and shows you the exact formula he uses to make money from mini websites.

Conclusion :

The Mini Site Formula is a great course for the beginners as well as those who want to know how to scale and expand many small websites to earn a full-time income. Beside learning how to build and monetize small websites, you'll also learn a simple system that will help you maintain empire of hundreds or even thousands of money-making miniature websites.

The formula does require you to put in some time and effort in building one mini site after another. If you're a newbie, sometimes the hardest part is building your very first site but once you've got the hang of it, you'll be able to build one in 30 minutes.

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