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The UK’s best and worst motorways revealed

Love them or hate them, there’s a good chance that most of us will have experienced travelling along one of the motorways that connect the many towns and cities of the UK.

For some, motorway driving is a pleasure; an opportunity to get some head space and cruise along to your favourite tunes.

Others find the speed and volume of traffic on motorways stressful and rage-inducing.

Car insurers InsuretheGap.com surveyed 2,000 UK drivers to find out their feelings on our roads and byways.

The A66 located in the north of England was named the favourite road to drive along. The 115-mile road spans the width of the country, from Penrith to Scotch Corner.

Despite passing the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Pennines, the reasons cited for its popularity were its lack of debris, good lighting, minimal traffic and good quality service stations.

The M40 connecting London to Birmingham was voted the second most popular road in the UK. Similarly to the A66, a lack of debris and frequent service stations were listed as its advantages, along with minimal roadworks, which may contribute to its relatively light amount of traffic.

Unsurprisingly, the M25 motorway surrounding London took the title for the worst UK motorway.

The road that inspired Chris Rea’s 1980s hit ‘The Road to Hell’ will undoubtedly be familiar to those who have crawled around its 117-mile long loop to reach the capital.

As one of the UK’s busiest motorways, drivers stated that the lack of speed cameras and drivers breaking the speed limit combined to a miserable driving experience. Poor lighting and dangerous junctions were also cited as stress factors.

The second least popular motorway was the UK’s longest and one of its busiest: the M6. Much like the M25, a lack of speed cameras, excessive road debris, confusing signage and “feeling unsafe” were the main reasons given for its unfavourable reviews.

The UK’s five favourite motorways

  1. A66
  2. M40
  3. A1
  4. M8
  5. M4

The UK’s five least favourite motorways

  1. M25
  2. M6
  3. M62
  4. M60
  5. M56

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