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Travel Tip: Dangerous Diving Sites Around the World

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The good news of the rescue of the trapped schoolchildren in the cave in Thailand has brought into focus the real dangers of some diving sites around the world. And even if you’re an experienced diver, there are some dive sites around the world you really must avoid. 


One of the most dangerous dive spots in the world is in Egypt–the 394-foot Deep Blue Hole. It’s nicknamed “The Divers’ Cemetery” for good reason. It’s estimated to have taken the lives of more than 130 divers. This underwater sinkhole looks deceptively safe. 


Then there’s the Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef in Belize. It’s the second most deadly dive spot. 


And number three is the Shaft Sinkhole in Mount Gambier in Australia. It has the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. As experienced divers explained it to me, the cave’s entrance is so narrow that in order to squeeze in, divers must first have to take off all of their equipment, try to get through and then reattach the gear later all while underwater. And then try not to get lost in the cave’s dark passages. 


For me–and hopefully for you–I’ll limit my diving to equally beautiful locations like the Cayman islands and the Great Barrier Reef.


By Peter Greenberg for PeterGreenberg.com

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