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Travel Tip: How to Help Save the Coral Reefs

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We all know sunscreen is a must-have item before visiting a sunny destination, but it has also become a conscious choice.

Before cooling off in the ocean, help preserve the coral reefs by making the switch to a biodegradable sunscreen.

Oxybenzone is a chemical found in sunscreens. Once it comes off of swimmers in the water, coral reefs can suffer the damage. The chemical is toxic to sensitive algae that live within the corals, and it is also known to infect and bleach the corals. 

With 14,000 tons of sunscreen being deposited into the the world’s oceans each year, it’s no wonder why legislation has been proposed to ban sunscreen containing Oxybenzone.

Until legislation passes, you can do your part to save the coral reefs by asking if your sunscreen is biodegradable before you purchase it.

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