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Travel Tip: What Economy Fare Really Means

When it comes to airline ticket pricing, the race is on. But it seems to be a race to the bottom.

The major U.S. legacy carriers like American and Delta have already introduced basic economy fares in order to compete with low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier.

With the basic economy fare, you get no advanced seat assignment, no check-in bag, and in some cases, no carry-on bag. And you also won’t get frequent flier miles. Can we all say, here comes the middle seat?

Now, JetBlue has joined the race to the bottom.

But here’s the real bottom line. When booking your flight, don’t just be attracted to the quoted fare. You must ask for the restrictions, which are often not readily posted or you’re in for sticker shock when you find out that you’re paying for just about everything else for your flight.

By Peter Greenberg for PeterGreenberg.com

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin


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