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Using Public Transportation to Get to the Airport

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Getting to and from airports has always been a time consuming challenge for most of us.

But now, slowly but surely, a number of cities are concentrating on building well-designed links between airports and the city center.

You can now take Metro Rail in Atlanta to get to the airport. It’s about 20 minutes and costs just $2.50.

You can also take the Chicago Transit Authority trains from O’Hare from downtown for about $2.25.

And there’s light rail that now runs from Downtown Dallas to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

At more than an hour, the trip is a little long, but the price is right at $2.50.

Denver has a rail line right from the airport to the city’s Union Station. It’s $9 and runs every 15 minutes.

If you’re not loaded down with bags in New York, take the subway to the Jamaica station and then catch the JFK Airtrain to your terminal.

It’s about the same time as being stuck on the Grand Central or Van Wyck parkways and costs about $8, versus nearly $75 by cab.

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