10 Best Van Life travel hacks every DIY conversion should have

Hello everyone! I’m Margaret and finally it’s my time to shine on this channel. Here are ten goodies to make your life easier. 1. Parking spirit level Having a spirit level is the basis for avoiding uneven parking.

Every vanlifer knows how hard it is to sleep on uneven terrain. We glued the scale to the deck for easy reference when sitting and in this way we always have objective measurements. 2. Surveillance camera You can switch your reversing camera so that it is not active only when reverse gear is engaged. Connect a switch to it so you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

You’ll appreciate this when you hear weird noises behind the car, you want to explore it but you don’t want to draw the curtains.

3. Thermometer This is the best way to have a time, a date, outdoor temperature and indoor temperature always on the wall. This way you don’t always have to monitor the temperature in the application on your phone. Plus you want to stick a magnet on the outdoor sensor and grab it from under the car.

For example, you can check the temperature in the refrigerator by pushing the sensor inside or you can watch how efficient the heating or air conditioning inside the car is.

4. Packing cubes These packing dice will save your life. If you haven’t packed army roll clothes yet, you should start. These dice can help you keep your clothes organized so that you can sort it, for example, by socks, dresses or T-shirts.

5. My Favorites – Magnets We live in a magnetic box, so why not use it? Everyone should have a package of magnets and some PU glue in the delivery. We magnetize absolutely everything for practical placement and quick availability. 6.

GoPro handle system These GoPro mounts are not just for GoPro cameras. We use them for lights, phone holders, for video calls, timelapse and sometimes also for the creation of see. This is a good way to use something you already have and it will lighten your hands at work. 7. Shower The shower is a matter of preference.

We knew we didn’t want to deal with such a small space wet shower accessories inside the delivery. Instead, we chose an outdoor shower. If you’re not camping in a snowy winter, this is a good way to stay clean.

Curtain is also an option. 8.

Lifting bed Extend the bed without having to move the pillows. This mechanism will allow you to access large items that are significantly less accessible when everything is crammed together. This drawer can be used either attached to the floor or to the ceiling. It will make access to things in the back much easier, you can step right inside. 9.

Safe Our lives are packed into this van. That is why it is very important to have a place where you can store your most valuable things. A hidden safe is a good way to store a laptop, camera, drone, passport or anything else of extreme value. We have a safe under the lift bed and it is accessible only through our magic button. 10.

Projector We all deserve a movie night. Having an affordable projector in the van will allow you to have a cinema in your small house. And you never have to stop a movie to go to the kitchen because you’re never too far away.

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