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Hey everybody. Welcome to our carnival Travel Tips. Video tip number one is gon na be make sure you check your bag in because, if you don’t check your bag and you’re gon na be carrying around everywhere on the elevator you’re gon na have to watch your bag. We just have a small purse and we don’t have to worry about leaving our bags anywhere or babysitting our bags, and now we could eat so they’re gon na take your luggage to your room. You can enjoy your food and you’re like carrying everything all around.

Yes, tip number one tip number two: is you have to check out guy burger joint because it is delicious and there’s a long line, but it’s well worth it okay, so we recommend the cheers package, especially if you’re gon na be drinking a lot like we are Hopefully, on this trip and the cheers package came out to three hundred sixty eight dollars and you have to let them know that you’re part of the cheers packaged when they come around and give drinks cuz. It looks like they’re free. It looks like they’re complimentary, but they’re, not they’re, gon na charge your room number okay and then also, if you get a drink here, when you’re still at the port, they’re gon na charge, you a state tax, make sure before you sell out of the pork that You put your phone on airplane mode because you do not want to get charges from your cell phone company and they’re gon na charge. You an arm and a leg, because it’s way too much so make sure you put your phone on airplane mode if you’re. Looking for your key or your sign and cell card, it’s gon na be right next to your door, and it’s not gon na be ready right when you get on the ship if you do get on early, but it will be there eventually and also with your Luggage, if you choose to check it in, we ended up getting the ocean view instead of an interior view, because it wasn’t that much more, it was actually only $ 80.

More so make sure you ask if they have any promotions or if they’ve got anything going on as far as discounts, and you could get an upgraded room for a fraction of the cost hair dryers right here: okay, girls, you can bring your flat iron or your Curling iron and this ship, okay, these room has a safe and you don’t need to memorize a number. You just need to bring your card and slide it, and that’s it pretty good like this any. You need your key again to lock your safe station. Okay, you guys, when you’re getting on the cruise, you got to make sure you get this fun activities card. This thing has everything like the first page: it has all the entertainment stuff and all the activity stuff like we have karaoke.

We have bingo, we have a dance party and we just have the comedy club. It’S just all the fun activities that you could do. It also says which deck is on and which part of the boat is like Fronde, medium or all the way in the back and times so yeah. Don’T forget a look for this as soon as you get in your room and don’t forget to go all to all the activities and enjoy activities? Yes – and you could just plan your day out with this right here and each day, they come out with a whole new one, so today’s activities are right here tomorrow, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s, because they’re gon na have all new activities.

It’S mainly the same stuff but you’re gon na have different times and just different stuff. To do, and there’s look even movies that you could watch, we have movies, we have the casino music Spa drinks food. This thing has everything. So if you don’t want to carry around this paper, you could download the Carnival Hub app and that’s gon na also have everything and you don’t supposedly you don’t need to to have a Wi-Fi plan. You could just download it and you could use the carnival Wi-Fi.

So I’m more of a paper guy I like to look at the times. I got my watch on, so I kind of like doing it. This way opposed to looking at the app and just killing my battery on my phone, so no gambling until you’re in international waters. So all the machines and tables are shut down until we get out to the international waters. If you’re looking to buy something here on the cruise ship, you should probably wait to the last day because, if you’re on the first or second day, they’re gon na it’s gon na be full price.

So just wait till the last day where they have discounts. And that’s: when you get the best deal, you guys don’t want to spend nine dollars at the store for a lanyard. You could get a lanyard here at the casino for free free of charge and it’s a great deal because you don’t spend any money for free. Yes, yes, all you have to do is go to the cashier ask for it. If we want, I want to talk about the drink package, so the dream package, it’s a good deal.

If you’re gon na drink 15 drinks a day it equals out to $ 4 per mixed drink, mixing by itself is like ten dollars. So if you do it with the cheers package, I’m gon na put the drinks on the side. So you can see how much each drink is, but it works out to $ 4 per drink. That’S with tip included. Do you want to tip him when they bring you the receipt?

You could tip them some more, but that’s with tip included. It’S definitely worth it. You guys trying to have a great time, and you guys like to dream and your guys are gon na drink more than let’s say five drink a day. Definitely worth it. You guys see if it’s worth getting the drink package or the cheers package.

One more thing is after each drink. You have to wait five minutes. So, if you’re a fast drinker, you have to wait anyways five minutes to get your next drink. So one thing about this cruise is: you are never gon na start. They have a lot of food, big variety, whatever you want you just pick it go up, put it on your plate, find a seat.

It’S probably the hardest. Part of the whole eating process is finding a seat. Once you find a seat, sascha vote this next one is an adult tip, because there is jacuzzis that are for kids and adults, but there’s some that are adults only so look out for the adults. Only if you just want to be hanging out with the adults and drinking in our case there is nobody here in the jacuzzi. Yes, we got two Abdal jacuzzis only ones right here.

If you guys are interested in working out while you’re here at Carmel cruise, they have a nice gym and they even have an outdoor track where you could walk around okay guys, if you’re wondering about irons, you cannot bring irons on board, so they do have lounging Mats and they provide irons, ironing boards and there’s also washers over here on this side. They got washers and dryers over here on this side, and they also have laundry detergent over here on this side, depending on your port of call, ours was announced. Ah, the Bahamas, they’re gon na ask you to bring your sail and sign card, which is your room key and they’re. Also gon na ask you to bring a government-issued ID, so I’m from California I brought my California ID and we were able to get off the boat and jump back on the boat with our California ID and our room key. I left my passports inside the safe, where they should be, and I made a copy of them before I came on my trip and I just carry that in my pocket with us just in case, but that is our next tip.

Make sure you guys pack, your formal wear, because there’s gon na be a fancy dinner night, depending on how many days your cruises is, depending on how many nights there’s gon na be ours is a three night cruise. We only get one dinner night, but there’s cruises that are seven days and they usually have to dinner nights. So the formal dining night is a nice place where you could get dressed. They have a dress. Dress code is strictly enforced, so you can’t wear.

No tank tops or flip-flops or any of that good stuff, so you have to be formal, dressed to actually enter and get a table. Anything on the menu is included, nothing extra unless otherwise stated. In our case, it says twenty dollars extra and there’s a list of stuff that we cannot pick from unless we want to pay for it other than that you can order as many appetizers as you want Arminius tissues, because there are really small, sorry, you’re, really hungry. You can’t order maybe to look how cool it is. We got to watch a movie right here on the deck they had popcorn, they had drinks, and it was a great time before I leave you guys with the last tip.

I want to say thanks for watching and if you have any tips to add on, please add them in the comment box below and the last tip is just pretty much walk around the boat just get familiar with it. We found all kinds of stuff just from walking around and then ask the crew questions. You don’t know where something’s at or if you see somebody walking around with coffee and you’re, like hey where’s, that coffee spot. I just ask that’s all. It is just ass hit that like subscribe, if you want to – and I will see you guys on my next video

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