Road Trip Manitour – Manitoulin Island Tour

[ coffee, pouring ], [, sighs, ] It’s another beautiful day and another great day for an episode here on Cache Canada. Today, we’re going to take you on a tour of Manitoulin Island -Holy Doodle, it’s big [ loon call ], [, loon call ], [ loon call ] LONDONWESTY Manitoulin Island is situated at the northern end of Lake Huron and is the largest freshwater island in the world. It is large enough that it has over 100 inland lakes itself and many of those lakes have islands on them.

There are more than two dozen small settlements: First Nations and towns spread across more than 2 700 square, kilometers or 1 000 square miles of boreal forest lakes, rivers, shorelines, escarpments, meadows and alvars, But let’s not forget, -Got it LONDONWESTY. There are Geocaches to find. So let’s go find them

-Got it Wow. We really over thought this one with the rating it had. We did a lot more searching than we needed to -Nicely done. These little buggers can hide in plain sight, So easy and what Lyriclass said so easy to just look right past them.

Londonwesty Wow -What’s, the name of the cache -What a View -No. I want to know the name of the cache -Oh. That’S the name of the cache

[ heavy sigh, ] -What a View -It is a beautiful view, Great spot for a cache up here. Camroo, you did a great job. It’S a good container good cache.

And yeah what a view -It’s spectacular, LONDONWESTY Holy Doodle Got it And right where we expected it to be

And somebody else said in their log: the branches here are very pointy.

Yeah my I can attest to that Ouch. That’S a nice cache and a really great spot. Look at this view.

It’S fabulous It’s like just tucked in here. Looking out, It looks awesome. So there’s uh some nice little SWAG in here We got a Love. The 90s flashlight a pin,

Attitude Attitude, Pen, crayon butterfly and a whistle -Hey. What’S the name of the cache That one was called [ to the tune of Down by the Bay singing ] Down by Gore Bay, Where the watermelons grow?

Back to my home, -Back to my home -I, dare not go -I, dare not go -For. If I do

-For if I do. -My mother will say -My mother will say, have you ever seen Dave when he needs a shave, Down by Gore Bay. Oh, shoot I did forget to shave. Oh darn it. [laughing] Taking a little beer break here on our Cache Adventure on Manitoulin Island.

Such a lovely day. -And the views are spectacular every place we go. It’s gorgeous. -Yep, and the caches they’re pretty good. [birds tweet] [bee buzzes] LONDONWWESTY: The Earth Cache the Swing Bridge, is a great example of what could be an otherwise ordinary cache bringing you to a cool spot.

It’s the location for which the cache was placed. If you time your visit the Swing Bridge opens up the first 15 minutes of each daylight hour, during the spring, summer, and fall. The Little Current Swing Bridge provides the only land crossing onto the island. Built in 1912 it was originally a rail bridge. In 1946 the bridge was altered to allow both rail, and road traffic.

In the 1980s the Canadian Pacific Railway transferred ownership of the bridge to the Ministry of Transportation, and has been used exclusively by road vehicle traffic ever since.

Definitely, a great spot for a Geocache. Another great spot for a Geocache, High Falls, on the island’s eastern end doesn’t have one. What’s up with that? LONDONWESTY: Yep, got it.

Here’s the original and we were worried about this one because, the log said it was so dilapidated and so trashed. But, original tin. But somebody has put in a replacement cache just recently.

So that’s kind of nice. So this will last a little longer.

While these won’t last forever, they do downgrade. The plastic erodes, but the metal can is done. But they both have contents in them. Let’s take a look. There’s the original log book.

This was put out June 21st, 2004, and here’s the First to Find, June 25th 2004. The replacement cache has a little flower pot, a horse, a little cute puppy, a stone, and a pencil sharpener, and a pencil. We’re unable to go down into the gorge where the falls is. Even hiking there the 1.2 kilometer hike; you can’t get there.

They’ve got the whole area buried, barriered off, because of the Covid 19. But our friend Terryer has got his drone out. He’s got a full license ready to go. So he’s getting us some good footage of the falls. In this location it’s an Earth Cache.

There’s no Traditionals here just an Earth Cache. That’s awesome. This Earth Cache is by our friend Masterninja. TERRYER: It’s a little bit down Oh yeah, you see the whole thing.

It’s kind of cool.

There’s the falls. That is so awesome. Terryer, thank you very much for your, your footage. -No problem. -And now we’re gonna go find some Geocaches.

-It sounds like fun. -Does that sound like a good idea? -Yea! -Let’s Geocache! -Let’s go!

TERRYER: Yea! LONDONWESTY: Well I see a blue smarties container. I don’t know. LONDONWESTY: You know unless you put it up. I don’t know.

Put in a different place you found it. But up here with a rock on it. TERRYER: Oh. We know what they say about putting caches back better than you found them, but it has to be better than just sitting in the opening of the fireplace because, anybody could come here, and just get that and throw it away. So.

It’s at the coordinates, so that’s a good place for it. It’s hidden. There it is. Should be able to find that if you’re a good Geocacher. TERRYER: Or even a medium one.

-Or even a newbie. -Even i could find that. [laughs] -That was a really fabulous day wasn’t it? It was amazing. -Yeah.

-And we’re so glad our friends were able to join us. Did you have an awesome time or what? -Of course we did. -Yeah. -An impromptu visit to Manitoulin Island.

-Yeah. -That’s right. -Yeah. -And tomorrow they’re going to the Cup and Saucer Trail. Is that right?

-Yeah -Mhm. -Early morning is the best to go. We did the Cup and Saucer Tour, but you’re not going to see that one until our next episode next week. [whines] -Next week. Ah.

-Yeah, next week so you have to wait. -We gotta wait. Keep watching there’s more caches to be found. -Yep. Where will Geocaching, [all together] take you?


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