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Hello friends, this is Russia, Tips, Tricks & Travel and, as always, it’s your buddy, Tim Kirby right here with you And guess what, Thanks to your loving amazing support Your Likes Shares and Comments. Weve started to get noticed by some very important people in important places And theyve been willing to finance our first road trip. Yes, we are going on a big road trip to see an international musical technological, futuristic festival, thats happening in the Nizhegorodskaya Region, And how are we going to get there On a born and bred piece of Nezhegorodskaya technology this vehicle here this GAZelle NEXT come on Hold On weve got some cars coming through And run for it Pasha

Anyways guys lets get started because Moscow traffic gets real bad, real, quick, Let’s go Weve got many stops on our way to the big Alfa Future People, electronic music festival, Because even without traffic and detours its a six and half hour drive. Our first stop is in a small town called Petushki ( ) ), which translates into something funny and possibly vulgar in English. Try finding out what the name of the town means via Google Translate and let me know the answer in the comments Guys yet another train. First, because we took that detour and hit a train, now were actually in Petushki where we need to be, but there is a train blocking our way to where we need to go. I dont know guys if youre visiting and you want to go to the Alfa Future People. Maybe you just want to stay on the main highway. Well, eventually, the train left and the GAZelle NEXT is really comfortable, And for the first time we didn’t have to smash everything into the trunk of some rental sedan. I could get used to this big beast.


If I don’t return it, you think they’ll notice, All right friends. This is Bogdarnya ( ). It is Petushkis, # 1 tourist location and from what they tell me its also the # 1 wedding spot Petushki is a little bit of a small place.

But anyways they say its an agro ecological farmer, tourism base- its a lot of things, But the main thing I hear is they have some really good cheese. So lets go and see what the farming and ecolo oh look. Amish people, maybe


Oh, no, they are gone. Oh well, Did you see them? No.

Didnt see em anyways theres a horse and buggy over there Trust me Anyways lets go inside. This is way more than just some farm. As I walk about, I hear classical music in the background and see horse riding lessons When I think farming cow poop comes to mind, but this is a true gentleman’s establishment. The farm actually has its own dedicated hotel. So, unlike me, you could stay here as long as you want and relax. Sadly, I’m gon na have to get back at the car as soon as were done. Bogdarnya is the dream project of British immigrant John Kopisky, who just happened to have some free time to tell us about his big agro-ecological project. Ive seen outside horses, weve got cheese, weve got meat, theres a bear over there and weve got sort of a museum here. Would you tell me just exactly what is this place And what used to be here?

This place used to be a Russian kolhoz. Ah, I see a collective farm. It used to be a collective farm. It was established in 1953. I forget the name of it was something like truth: (, pravda/, ) or vera (, /faith, ) Yeah, and a lot of people in the West dont understand why these things were built. I think this is a discussion that could go on for hours, because I understand now after 26 years ago that the previous constitution, the most important part of it, was guaranteeing people a place to work. Profit had nothing to do with it.


There was a village with over 300 people, they decided to build a farm. When I arrived here, it was in 1994. We decided that we wanted to study farming. There were 300 cows here in 127 workers, But people come here and they want to relax and the other thing. Of course we have some wonderful countryside around here We have no industry. Here You go to the forest and theres mushrooms, berries, all kinds of moss growing. You have a hundred miles of forest here, I know in The States you have the same, but here people come here and the other thing they see is order. I, like order, I mean (, Im ), a former English guy, the lawns and everything else, But ( poryadok ) or what you say. The discipline is visual, so everybody come here and ( says ) woah. We can do this in Russia And I think thats very important John was nice enough to show how he makes cheese which, besides hosting Russian tourists dead tired of city life, is the farms big seller. Natural cheese is often expensive because it takes about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese and John conducts many cheese, experiments to develop new recipies and be able to reliably reproduce said recipies. A unique Limburger is being developed as we speak, but it takes around 2 years of experiments to nail down one new cheese recipe. The coolest thing was actually going down into the cellar where they cheese rests and dries out until it is ready for sale. It was neat to see all the different kinds all lined up, But besides cheese, the best thing about Bogdarnya is that John always tries to hire locals first. The best charity that you can do is to give a man a fair wage for a fair day’s work. As I had been talking earlier, this is the generation after perestroika were now evolving and we have two. We have another guy like this.


And these guys he knows they get good money and we want to grow Grow with us and theres no word that he made a mistake. If theres a problem down here its, we made a mistake and they pay for it. They get paid a bonus for good work.

But all together because he cant say Vlad was in the toilet. No, they come down and we check together. Weve got an incredible team. It takes time to build it After we left. The cellar John showed me, the hotel, that’s on the property He and his wife chose to do it in an eclectic style which they feel is at the heart of everything. Russian Russia expanding so far has brought in many different styles and that somehow all work together. John, thank you very much your time and thank you very much for what you do in Russia, because a lot of times, people Russian, can be way too pessimistic, guys


Let’S be optimistic, see if this guy can do it, we all can all do it. -Everyone can

-And lets see if I can make it to the next city on our road trip, because Im already getting a little tired And hopefully there wont be any traffic jams, so many traffic jams, -Your next city – is three and a half hours away. Oh yeah, I need a little break here. Anyways we are in the small town of Sudogda, which is very hard for me to say, and I actually said it right that time But anyways. If you look over there, there is the St


Catherines Cathedral, which is a little bit mysterious because on the internet, they both write that it was completely destroyed by Communism and that it was completely untouched by Communism. So if you come and visit, you are going to have to go in there and see, which is true And the cool part is right. Next to it, there is like a little market. There is even a place to get shaurma and if you look down this way, look down this way you can see that is the ultimate stereotypical smalltown Russian street. I mean this is like the Norman Rockwell painting of Russia. So if you want to get true smalltown Russia, this place is almost like concentrated Russian extract Its a great little place to visit.



Yeah its much nicer than Moscow, much nicer, Which begs the question: why are all the good careers in Moscow? There are so many lovely little towns like this all over the country, They’re so small and quiet, but they also have the Internet. Why do we all have to do 90-minute commutes to offices in the “ megapolis” Sudogdanians? When I retire? Can I come live with you? I miss the real Russia. Okay enough of my whining weve got to keep moving

Gosh, it’s always great to take a road trip and really get to see the country and just how massive it really is. If everythings bigger in Texas, then everything is gargantuan in Russia, especially these massive vistas that we filmed as we went Anyways. Our next stop is one of Russia’s most ancient cities, Murom, which, in my opinion, is truly Russias Smallville. This city is well over 1,000 years old and attracts many Russian tourists and Eastern Orthodox pilgrims Okay. So why is this Russias Smallville Because of this guy Russias Superman, Beowulf Hercules or some other legendary character of your choice: Ilya Muromets, ( )? Who could defeat many? A foe after …

When he turned 33, he got up from being handicapped and became a super, powerful superhero and in fact, its very politically correct. I kind of like it, But anyways Murom is famous for this legendary figure and also for this legendary dinner roll called a Kalach. Its a dinner roll with a little handle Pretty good and uh its also, supposedly from what Russians tell me why Kalashnikov (, the last name ) is called Kalashnikov, is because Kalashnik is the guy who makes a Kalach So thats things. Russians tell me they also tell me that the reason this has a handle is so you can eat it with really filthy hands from working and then throw the handle over your shoulder. Thats called good hygiene friends. These kalachi rolls are so famous in Murom that they are actually on the citys heraldry. Maybe Philadelphia should put a cheese steak on their seal. I mean why not Currently they just have two women standing around on it BORING Anyways. The Kalach that I got may have been yesterdays because it was actually rather dry, but it was only 40 rubles and I was hungry Anyways. Our next stop is industrial, yet artistic Vyksa. Ah here we are in Vyksa. I just took a little stop at this hotel. Changed clothes relaxed and why did I change clothes?

Because we are going to a factory and they dont, let you in there in shorts, But one thing I can say about Vyksa that makes it interesting is there are only two hotels here and this one is three times cheaper, making it my personal choice, of course, And one other thing to note: my room was actually gigantic.


Absolutely huge you could fit 10 of me in there. So yeah. I am pretty satisfied. It was also very clean, so lets get oh theres, a pirate behind me. Anyways lets go around the pirate ship and get going to the factory. Alright friends were at the Vyksa Metallurgic Factory and guess what I was actually here about 10 years ago on a tour, and you can take a tour too. They are very open to having tourists here And one thing you can see on that tour. Is this the Shukhovskaya Tower, Which is cool because it actually has a sister tower in Moscow? That looks exactly the same, And I think it is by the metro, ( station ) Shabolovskaya, if Im not mistaken, But the thing about this tower that makes it really cool. Is not that it used to hold a lot of water on top of it, it’s its design.


In the 1930s, this was a triumph of technology being able to make such thin thin bars of metal spun round and round to hold up so much weight was really really something. Today, the kids are impressed by iPhones, but back in the 30s they were impressed by steel. Did I forget to mention that all the pipes for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are made right here?

A lot of pipe gets made at this plan, So friends. Here we are at the division where they actually make the train wheels. You know they actually make 60 percent of the worlds train wheels right here, So theres a very good chance that if you are riding on a train somewhere, youve got a wheel from around here You know living in Russia. I am starting to forget my English. I forget what these are called. I think there might be ingots. We could call them rods, but that doesnt matter What matters is that each one of these babies makes about 14 to 15 train wheels.


Pretty neat So and now you can see each rod has been freshly cut into these big metal. Basically, coins that are going to be stamped down to make the wheels Pasha take a look at how clean and lovely these are freshly cut. Well, one thing Ive got to tell you: is you see that it is cutting through like inches and inches of steel? It barely makes any noise. I mean I am talking loud, but yout think it would make this horrible sound. It doesnt

I dont know how they do it. You know thats one heck of a pizza oven back there and right its cooking steel pizza pies at about 1000 C, So they’re getting them nice and hot thoroughly heated all the way through. So they can stamp them down. So guys here we are at the stamping machines. Each big glowing, hot piece of metal has to go through a few various different stamps to get pushed down into the right shape. Here we go pushing down getting into a better shape..



Now its going to get taken away to the next stamp And the water comes in to clean out any slag or any junk thats left over Neat huh, So whats happening right now. Right now the wheels are going along the press line. Then they go into the quick-cool chamber and then they go to be machined. Even after cooling off the wheels are so hot you can feel the heat coming off them Its like. If you put your hand over the stove, you can feel the heat coming at you. A really neat feeling

Espeically in summer, Okay, and now we have some fresh new train, wheels ready for export And guys. I just wanted to make one thing clear: this whole tour with seeing how the train wheels are made and stuff. This is all stuff that you can do as part of a standard tour package at the factory Were not showing you anything that you cant do when you come here. So if you come to Vyksa, you can see this amazing process. These amazing cranes, in action for yourselves So thats the end of day, one here in Vyksa tomorrow, were going to Nizhny Novgorod. So anyways guys, I am going to go back to the hotel, get some sleep, but while Im asleep Id really appreciate it. If youd like comment and share, and especially subscribe to our channel and hit that little bell thing next to the subscribe button,


So you actually get to see our videos in the future Till tomorrow. I think I spoke too soon, just as we were starting to leave the factory, the workers told us that we must have tea and cake at a local cafe and they looked pretty serious about it too. So why not? This is Vyksas official cake Actually in Moscow. A couple years ago, they came up with this idea that we have to make our own official Moscow cake. Well, Vyksa is following that trend. As you can see, we have the metallic rose here. One of the symbols of the city,



And this kind of blue and green represents the ponds and grass that make up the area So yeah lets dig in lets, eat some Vyksa, Oh yeah, thats a lot of calories. Thank you very much. One other thing: thats, weird about Russia. Russians always eat cake with a teaspoon, not a fork, Just one of those things There’s some fruit in here and nuts, But its very moist

I am not a fan of dry cakes. This is nice very moist And I always love when cakes have stuff in them Surprises Very nice. Well, after a nice nights, sleep its time to carry on down some Russian back roads and thankfully, as we move into the 21st century, these back roads are getting a lot better, so its smooth sailing for our big van After a few hours drive. We arrived in Nizhny Novgorod, which is another very old location in Russia, that exploded in population when it became a major trade hub due to being on both the Volga and Oka rivers. And it was one of the cities that hosted matches during the 2018 World Cup. In Russia, I always forget how far away from everything Vyksa actually is.


But take a look at that view, guys wow

I think I picked the right hotel Because from up here where the hotel is you get quite the view of the city, I definitely recommend Sitting out here and having a cup of coffee, but coffee gives you energy and I want to sleep. So let me get my stuff. Let me go inside, get my room and take a little break here. So uh. You know, to be honest. I probably could have just slept in here, But whatever Hello there Kirby Timothy heres, my passport and residency permit All right. Finally, a little break So friends. Normally on this program we have a $ 100 or $ 200 budget to do everything, so I always try to eat something local, yet affordable. But this time we have no budget restrictions, So were going to go local and high-end, But the thing is going to a nice, expensive restaurant downtown in the GAZelle. Next, although its an awesome vehicle is not going to work too well so were going to take something a little bit smaller and utilize. Russian car sharing



So lets see, is it going to open Yes, okay, so lets get in lets. Go car rental of the 21st century baby Its such a weird feeling to leave the keys in the car Its kind of hard to even deal with, but anyways we..

Okay, close it up Now. Why are we here Because they have a special dish, they call Forshmak. I know it sounds like the name of a warrior barbarian from the future, but they say it is actually something very delicious, so lets check it out and find out what it is. Well, ladies and gents, this restaurant is what they call premium class, which makes me very happy that were on a road trip and we have no budget because things here look a little bit pricey But gosh. Do they look delicious Ooo Its good to be the king? Lets do this, Okay, guys! This is what we came here for

Mmm so apparently, forshmak is some kind of creamy fish, Very different, unusual texture, but really good and the cool thing is. This is made from the Omul fish. Remember the Omul fish from our Baikal video Yeah. They brought it from there all the way here.


And I think theyve done a very good job with it. I like it, Ive never had fishy Okroshka before I like it Great Okroshka. You know. Okroshka is kind of weird because it is almost like a soup made from pop or soda as they might call it. In some places, Um really weird, but its really darn good. So was this meal worth the price

Yes, yes, it was Wow all that high-class food sure makes a guy want to do some high-class relaxation, And thus I decided to head a bit north of the city and live it up a little Alright guys. I am kind of sick of being in the hot sweaty cabin of the van, and also my leg is starting to hurt. I need a break and I wanted to show you something that is really cool about this area of Russia, Even though we are right now miles and miles away from any sea or ocean guess, what’s is right behind us Theres miles and miles and miles of water. So were going to take a little boat trip and youre going to get the seaside experience in the middle of the most landlocked place in Russia, The gentleman working on the inside of the boat there he is our captain. We are going to set sail very soon for adventure. Well, friends, I can tell you one thing: the sun is beating down on me and were going to go. Do something on water. If youve been watching my videos, you know exactly how I feel in this situation. I never really understood how sail boats can go against the wind and yet still somehow move in the direction that they want. The captain tried his best, but I still don’t entirely get it, but one thing he did say is that maintaining a boat like this for racing, the captain and his crew have gotten some very good results. Racing this boatis actually very expensive. It takes about the cost of a low-end Russian car per year to keep fresh, sails, ropes and other things on the boat in working order.


Definitely not a poor mans hobby. One thing, though during turns the boat is leaning at a brutal angle. It is hard to believethat, even with the boats, massive keel. It doesnt flip over Its really surprising how quickly it reacts. I thought it would be just like ehhh. Just a little bit, but it really turns Well..

That was, I kind of I always was a pessimistic about doing anything on water, but that was actually really cool. I’D recommend it, especially if you want enjoy swimming out the deep water, if you’re, good enough live done Now that I’m back on land, it’s already really hot, all of a sudden. So here we are guys Alfa Future People and my first impression theres one good thing here: Theres a lot of half-naked women, one bad thing here: theres a lot of half-naked, guys So yeah a lot of abs not liking it. But what can you do? Anyways were going to go towards the stage, As you can see, theres a camping area there, a massive amount of toilets over there Uh none of them have toilet paper by the way And a ton of fire trucks over there.


So those arent that interesting lets go down here to where the action is. People are rocking out. Theres, music, theyre pumping up theres, no one up there, Pasha theres, no one there. Where are they

I dont know Well thats fun but its dangerous. I dont know about that. One: Hey! Alright! There we go alright Yeah thats, the spirit eh Hello from Alfa Future People. Hello Come join us -Why. Did you decide to go to Alfa Future People? Madam

-I love Afla Future People. This is the best festival Ive been to in my life, Really Awesome. Why should foreigners come to this event -To feel the Russian soul to feel the atmosphere. Its breathtaking

-It would seem that the Russian soul sure loves bass, Thats a good thing, but I noticed that you are dancing here by yourself why -I am just going between the different arenas. I dont know where to stop. I like everything I hear so yeah. This is just amazing, -Makes sense to me. I wont, kill your buzz any further. Thank you and have fun Come visit. Us guys were waiting for you, Alright, guys thats. It



Thats, our big road trip from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, stopping off, of course, at the Alfa Future People music festival. I can tell you one thing: it was a great idea to come to Nizhny Novgorod by car, but a terrible idea to come here by car. We were in a traffic jam in the little town that this is in for hours And hours And there was nowhere to park and we actually had to bribe a guy to use his driveway, because otherwise they might evacuate our vehicle Theres no parking. The lines are nuts, If you can take the electric train here and while youre on that electric train make sure you have stacked up a lot of toilet paper.



Cause I didnt see any around here: Okay, guys, those are the big sort of pieces of advice in terms of this concert In terms of the road trip. Ive got no advice, its easy, its fun its Russia, So anyways, Im Tim Kirby enjoy the Hard Bass


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