Traveling To Cuba From The USA

What I learned from my recent trip to Cuba all right: first things: first, if you are not a Cuban national traveling from the United State, you will need a visa to go to Cuba. You can purchase the visa from your airline and try to give yourself enough time to get to the airport, because the flight to Cuba, as I learned the day that I was living when I try to check in for my flight. I was greeted with this message that my flight was restricted. I had to stop at the ticket counter to see an agent when I got to the airport at the JetBlue ticket counter. I was able to check in for my flight and paid for my visa.

The visa was $ 50 at the jetblue ticket counter. The whole process took about five minutes and I was on my way and a quick. Fifty-five minutes later we were in Cuba and I can see our parents return back to my estate, so forgives it very fast. Our district. We grow two cousins, a professional Chetty Luna.

Have you been about mokuba? I wan na thank Teochew. They left today so worried, I’m put forward my thing as you seem to have our each other Malita, and what about a second capita going to custom in Cuba is pretty much like anywhere else. Your questions and you get your pictures taken and that pretty much it as you exit the airport, you will find plenty of places to exchange your money. Yes, you will have to exchange your money and took Cuban currency.

Your visa Express Apple pay will not work in Cuba. Cuba has two different types of currencies: they have the Cuban peso and the Cuban convertible or CUC. You need to exchange your money into Cuban convertible, because the peso is pretty much worthless. You cannot actually buy anything with it. If you have the peso, you have to exchange it into Cuban convertible to buy anything one.

Cuban convertible is equal to 25 pesos. One other thing you need to know: you have an exchange rate between 8 and 17 percent, depending on where you exchange your money at the airport. It tends to be higher, then, if you exchange your money somewhere in the local local local places that you can change or you can exchange your money. I did not have to do that because my connection in Cuba is a business owner who uses US dollars to buy stuff for her business outside of Cuba. So I was able to get an even exchange for my money, an outside of the airport.

They have plenty of taxis to take you wherever you want, or if you choose you can rent a car. Yes, you can definitely even the current Cuba anything from a Kia, Rio all the way up through mercedes-benz. Now it was time for me to meet my Airbnb host. I have to give a big shout-out to my host because the please look exactly if not better, than what was advertised Wi-Fi. Lets talk about Wi-Fi in Cuba.

I specifically picked this place because it was advertised that Wi-Fi was available. 24/7. Let me, let me show you exactly how Wi-Fi works in Cuba. The way Wi-Fi advertising works here is totally different than what you use to in the US, or any other place that I have been free. Wi-Fi in Cuba means that you have access to a router, but you have to buy your own data card granted that the data is not expensive.

The card costs about one or two CUC or Cuban convertible, depending on where you buy it. If you get it directly from the phone company is one CUC for one hour and 2 CUCS for two hours and so on and so forth. The card costs 2 CUCS for one hour for 4 CUCS for two hours from the locals, because this is a way for them to earn extra income. Its like a little side business for them. If you can try to get it from the locals because anything help the food in Cuba, listen, I live In south Florida, so Cuban food is nothing new to me.

The food in Cuba is fine. I find that breakfast was always very, very good. So the first night I was there, I was invited to go across the water to el morro to see el canonazo de las 9. Pretty what that is, so it’s a live cannon being fired. I wasn’t gon na miss that this was my first so yeah.

If you’re ever in Havana, Cuba, this thing is every night at nine o’clock you get to see a live cannon being fired so day. Two, the next day I was there, we had on 1953 Chevy convertible to take a tour of the city, so this was $ 30. You have to negotiate you. Can you can negotiate your prices? You know you don’t have to pay whatever they ask you you can.

If they ask you for 50, you can go down to twenty-five thirty, and then you meet in the middle, so we had a 1953 Chevy convertible. I was able to visit the whole city, including plaza de la revolucion. That’s one of the places where Fidel Castro used to give all his big speeches after a nice tour of the city was time to hit the beach, which is about 15 to 20 minutes outside of Havana, and I went to Marazul. They have a lot of beaches around there, but with us we went to one oven. That was a little bit closer.

Very nice, warm clear water. Is it expensive in Cuba? Well, this is one of the cheapest trip I have ever taken. That’S including the airline tickets, food Airbnb and pretty much everything else, Things in Cuba, our relatively cheap lunch. Lunch was about six CUCS or six convertibles breakfast.

What about the same and that’s including the drink that come with it at pretty a decent place and from the locals even cheaper? We went to it eat a pretty upscale place right across the street from the Capitol believes about 7 of us ate, and the bill came about 87 CUCS or convertibles. The Cuban people are extremely nice. They go to the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable pretty much each bar or restaurant that you go to. They have a live band playing after each couple.

Songs, someone from the band comes out with a plate to collect tips. You can take whatever you want, it’s not required, but is appreciated, I’m talking about not at night than during the day or at night, every day, which is pretty lively. If you ask me security, how secure is is Cuba. This is probably one of the safest. If not the safest place that I’ve ever been to your safety security, I was able to walk anywhere that I wanted to two or three in the morning and with no worries no issues.

So security is not a concern. If you’re planning on going there, you guys a pretty safe place so the last night I was there, we went to Casa de la musica. This place was actually 15 cucs or 15 Cuban convertibles to get in. They had a DJ and a live band playing. It was, it was funny, was pretty cool.

Will I go back to Cuba? Well, absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m already planning my next trip, there’s a place Couple hours outside of Havana Varadero.

I wanted to go there, but I didn’t have enough time varadero. I will definitely go there next time anyway, guys thank you for watching. If you find any value in this video at all, please leave a comment. I’Ll answer. All your questions give us a thumbs up and subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our next videos.


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