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I have to start by saying: I’ve been addicted to iced, vanilla, lattes and I have perfected the copycat recipe of McDonald’s Iced, vanilla, lattes, oh my god, amazing. So morning, coffee now I have to have an iced latte every afternoon. These are so good If you ever want me to make one of these for you just let me know I figured it out. I figured it out So over the years and packing for numerous trips, I pretty much narrowed it down and perfected. What I bring with me in my purse, when I’m out and about traveling for the day My main goal is to always pack the essentials and to pack light and when you travel, you need everything that you bring with you to count.

So just the essentials and the light is what I’m all about. So today, I’m going to talk about the different things that I pack in my purse, for when I’m out exploring for the day as well as some key things to look for when you’re out purse shopping for any of your travels. And if you are new to my channel I am Jeanie Michaels. I am a travel agent and on my channel here at Memories Forever Travel. I talk about all sorts of different travel, lifestyle, travel, vlogs and adventures, and we go through so many different travel tips and advice so be sure to subscribe.

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And if you haven’t already be sure to hit that like button so that other fellow travelers will see this video, So when I’m traveling, my purse is with me at all times,
If I’m on a safari in South Africa, my purse is with me if I’m on a tuk-tuk in Thailand, my purse is with me if I’m just roaming, the streets of Italy. I have my purse with me every single time I go somewhere when I’m traveling, but what, if someone steals it or pickpocket you or slashes it open? Yes, yes, that can happen. However, I’ve never had it happen to me.

If you use common sense – and you just keep all your belongings on you at all times, secure to your body, you shouldn’t have issues

It’S less likely to happen, you’ll see tons of different purses on the market that are anti-theft and they have materials that are like slash proof and they have all these, like the super secret little pockets, but it is not necessary to do that. I personally do not have any fancy purse like that for my travels. Instead, I just get a regular standard purse. However, I have a strict criteria of what I look for in that purse. Number one get a crossbody strap purse, so you can, you know, put it over your shoulder and it hangs down here on the side.

That is going to be one of the number one ways that someone can just come up to you and snag it off you and or it falls off your shoulder and you didn’t realize it and before you know it, your purse is missing.
So a crossbody strap purse is by far one of the things I look for when I’m purchasing a purse for my travel. Next, you want a manageable size purse. You don’t want to be hauling around a huge purse when you’re traveling, you want to be comfortable. You wanted to be light.

You wanted to do what you need it to do and have comfort at the same time. Next, you want to look at the fabric material that your purse is made out of. You want a thick material such as a leather or mock leather. Well, yes, it can still be slashed. If someone wanted to go that far, it’s not as easy to slash that type of material and also you’ll want to find something that is waterproof or water-resistant.

That’S very important in case it decides to rain on your travels and last but not least, it must have full closable zippers on your purse. It’S crucial to have zippers forget the straps or little buttons or whatever zippers or gon na, prevent any wandering hands that might take place while you’re on your travels, and I always look for ones that have lots of little pockets inside my purse. Because then, I can kinda stuff things where I want them to be stuffed to kind of keep things organized, and this is my purse. This is the purse that I use when I’m traveling and as you can see, it’s simple, it’s nothing flashy. I keep it very simple when I travel has lots of pockets and there’s two zippers that go down the middle here and when you open those up, there’s multiple pockets inside too so lots of pockets and everything has a zipper compartment.

It has a long cross body strap that I talked about. This is just like a mock leather. I think I bought this from Kohl’s yeah. I bought this at Kohl’s for maybe $ 30. This purse and it’s fabulous.

It does everything I need your purse. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be reasonable quality. So I always look for quality overpriced, because sometimes if you spend a lot on certain items, it doesn’t mean it’s good, better quality. So just remember that when you’re per shopping also don’t forget a flasher. Your purse will be more prone for you to get pickpocketed so keep it simple all right now we can get started on the items that I put in my purse when I’m out and about traveling for the day.

Okay. First, but of course it’s probably not a shocker is my cell phone, because this is my camera, and this is my video recorder when I’m doing any type of blog, it’s when I’m traveling and not only is it my camera and video. It is also here for maps emergency calls text whatever I need. This is my life and I couldn’t live without it, which pretty much the entire world is like that. Nowadays, of course, I have my wallet here with any cash credit cards, identification cards, medical cards and I also have a wrist strap on my wallet.

So if I am in a busy area – and I have to pull out my wallet – I can put this around my wrist in that holds so that when I’m, you know getting my stuff out, someone can’t come up and just snatch it out of my hand, it’s Protected with my restaurant, that’s something that’s really important, and this is again just like a faux leather and it’s small and compact, just how I like it, don’t forget to bring your passport with you if you are in a different country and what, if something were to Happen to you, maybe you tripped over something and you had to go to the hospital or you got in some type of car accident or you just get stopped by the police and you need to show them proof. This passport will be your savior, so no matter where I am, I always have my passport with me when I’m out and about without this little guy, I’m pretty much screwed. Those are like by far the top three things that I double check. Every time before I leave my hotel room or in my resort and I’m off to go explore for the day, and I use my phone a lot when I’m traveling for maps. If I’m trying to navigate my way through cities or what not maps on my phone is a lifesaver, so if I’m using it a lot, I have to have a portable charger so that when my phone starts getting low on battery, I can give it a good Charge or so powerful and they’re compact, so I always have one of these with me, and I have I showed this in my other videos, but I have a portable charger case.

This is awesome, so it’s nice and small. I can carry my charger in there, along with all the different cords. It works great and then I also have this itty-bitty mini charger that I keep with just as like another backup, and this also helps like if I have to be on my phone, but I still need to charge. I can I can take this and I hold it with my cellphone – it’s not as big as like this one, but it does the job like if I have to get my phone and I need a charge at the same time. So these little guys are perfect.

Next, I always keep a set of travel documents with me in my purse. In case, I need to look up any type of confirmation or five tickets for different types of attractions, and I just have this little guy. It’S a document holder that has all my paperwork. In if I can quickly pull it out, if I need to get any type of information, just keep a good document holder with you with all your confirmations in it, and you are good to go now. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty much really essential to me.

Chapstick like how do you not live without chaste ik between Sun and wind and everything chapstick is a must so be sure to bring your shots sanitizer and she bought this little bottle. But I refilled it with different hand sanitizer, because this is 62 %, and I think I have some that’s like over 70, so I just rather have a higher based hand sanitizer in this bottle, but I like the little holder, so I keep this handy. You can hang this up your purse or whatever it just makes it easy to carry so you know public places and public transportation and whatnot. That’S like the perfect place to pick up germs. So if you aren’t near a bathroom or anything, you can just squeeze little.

This on, and so this comes in really handy when you don’t have a sink and soap and water clothes antibacterial, soap, yep, but this is something I carry with me in my purse when I’m traveling and you’re probably like. Why would you do that? Because how many times have you went to a bathroom and there was no soap left yeah. That’S happened to me quite a bit and to me that’s disgusting, so I just keep this with me and if I need it, I have it and also before every single meal I go and wash my hands before I eat so again. If there’s no water or anything, I got this guy with me, too scrub-a-dub-dub and in relation to the bathroom, I always bring these flushable wipes with me.

However, they say they’re flushable. I do not flush them, because these are still known to like plug things, and especially when you’re in a foreign country, they do not have the system like we do here in the States, so just don’t flush them. However, who likes to go to the bathroom, and then you see, there’s no toilet paper again, that’s like heaven now many times in you travel. So I have these visit as a backup. Just in case I need to use them disinfecting wipes now your well.

You carry that with you, no no! No, due to the current state, that’s taken place in our world. I don’t have any portable disinfectant wipes here, but you can find the little bags the portable ones travel sized and throw those in your purse. Those are perfect and if you feel like you are somewhere and or you’re going to be eating something, and it is not clean, you can pull out those little wipes and clean down your little area. So no, I don’t carry this big thing with me in my purse, but I do have the little travel-size wipes with me at all times sunglasses.

I don’t know about you, but I always have to have my sunglasses with me and I have a good little case to store these in in my purse, so they don’t get damaged when I’m traveling, because lord knows, if I didn’t have this case, these would be Scratch two hacks, so I have a kid and I keep with me to store my sunglasses now. There’S one thing that I will forget to put on in the morning before I leave my hotel room to explore for the day it is deodorant yes, so I have learned that I need to just pack one of these that, in the middle of the day, if I realized I never put do it or not. I can just whip this little guy out and go kick it and I’m gon na dig up now. I also have a little black bag that I just kind of keep stuffed with a bunch of little or I don’t know in this thing. I have this little container of some like ibuprofen.

So if you have any type of medications or anything be sure to pack some of that with you through the day in case you need it. I have some of these little Kleenexes. You just never know. If you need Kleenex and then we got some bandages. You know stuff your foot, your shoes, rubbing on the back of your heel, whatever it might be, always have a bandage with you.

You never know and, ladies be sure, to pack your essentials tampons pads, whatever bring them with you and actually I’m going to be making an entire video on that. Specifically, there’s actually a lot of things to think about when you’re traveling and you happen to get your period so stay tuned for that video to come. That’S gon na be a whole another topic and if you wake up to a cloudy dreary day – and it looks like a night rains, bring a little portable umbrella with you. This, obviously, is not something you have to bring with every single day, but if there’s a chance that mother nature decides to sprinkle on your vacation, this guy is a savior, and I actually bought this one in Germany, because I only had a one umbrella with me And I needed one for my husband so now I’ve learned travel with two umbrellas and last but not least just go a little pen into your purse. You just never know if you need to sign something or use this for anything, especially on the airplane.

If you are required to fill out a customs and immigration form before you get into a destination, I know it’s very popular with like Mexico and Caribbean. So if that’s repaired, you will have a pen almost every time I travel. I have to borrow my pen to someone who doesn’t know what packs of pen it’s like the easiest thing to pack, but no one ever brings the fat just throw it in your purse and never take it out and you’ll always have one with you. Thanks guys, it was a little bit there. You go you guys.

That is my essentials that I pack in my purse, for when I’m out and about for the day and then, of course I leave all my other items that I might not necessarily mean in the safe in my hotel room, locked away, safe and sound. I do not bring any makeup or hair things or anything. I don’t care to carry all that with me. I mean to each their own, but that’s not anything. I do.

I keep things simple if, by the end of the day, if my makeup has like run down my face – and my hair is like this – it is what it is guys. There’S just no need to carry around more items and not only that by the end of the day, my shoulder from carrying my purse usually is sore ish by the end of the day. So the more I have in my purse at the store it’s gon na be so we want to keep everything super easy light and enjoy our trip without hauling around half my suitcase right. I will leave the links to a few of these items down in the description below if you are interested and wanted to look into those a little bit more. And if you found this video of value, please be sure to hit that like button in it.

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