When can americans travel to europe

I hate that I was correct. I really do. But months ago, I told you other countries are getting corona virus under control. We are not. It is looking more and more like at some point.

Travel is going to open back up. Asia, Europe, Europe. Two to two to wherever you go. It doesn’t matter. Europe, Australia and the United States is likely to be banned from entering a lot of these countries.

Why? Because they’ve got it under control. We don’t. And they don’t want us bringing the disease there. And unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening.

Europe reportedly plans, according to a report in The New York Times, to ban American travelers indefinitely because we are failing hard on corona virus.

Now, when I say that we’re failing, we haven’t all failed that. That’s the reality. Some of the best places in the world to be right now, places that have seen the most rapid decrease in cases are in the United States. I am fortunate to live in one of those places, Massachusetts.

But on the other side of the coin, many of the worst places to be in the world are in the United States. And if you are Switzerland or you are Spain or France, you can’t, practically speaking, say people from Massachusetts can fly here. But people from Arizona can’t. And the United States is going to be judged by our worst performing states. And unfortunately, the worst performing states right now are some of the worst places in the world to be.

So what’s going on is that on July 1st, Europe is going to reopen its borders to international travelers and they’ve put together a list of countries that are not going to be allowed to come in. People from countries that are not going to be allowed to come in. The list is still being finalized. The United States is reportedly on the list. China is believed to be on the list.

Uganda, Cuba, Vietnam. It looks like Brazil and Russia, which are disastrous hot spots. They are believed to be on the list now. On a personal level, this bothers me. But that’s not what this is really about.

I mean, I was hoping I was planning to maybe be able to go to Europe at the end of summer if things were better there and things were better here. But they’re terrible here at the national level. And so I’m not going to be allowed to go, OK? But, you know, sad for me. But there’s a much bigger picture here because this is a huge blow to the prestige and respect of the United States around the world.

We’ve already been a laughing stock since Donald Trump was elected. It’s gotten worse and worse and worse. And this is really an indictment of the job that Donald Trump has done or maybe better said, not done on the issue of Corona virus. Trump is so unstable, we know how he’s going to react to this. And it’s really tragic how terribly some parts of our of our country are doing.

For example, if you look at Spain, you see that their cases have just fallen off a cliff. Such small numbers in Spain lately. You look at Switzerland, Switzerland has absolutely crushed the curve.

Looks amazingly good. I could go on giving you more and more examples.

New Zealand, you know, many places in Europe and around the world, here in the United States, there are places that are looking very good. One of the. Places that have seen the fastest decline in cases. I’m proud to say, I’m happy to say is right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where we are doing very well. And, you know, we could say, hey, listen, we have an airport, we have all sorts of flights to Europe.

But sadly, because anybody can just come to Massachusetts from Florida or Arizona or Texas, we’re not going to be allowed into Europe. And indeed, when you look at the numbers in some of these other states, you look at Texas. Texas set a new record. Each of the last two days, Texas had more than 5000 Corona virus cases two days in a row. The last couple of days in Florida, around 30, 500 cases per day.

In fact, they’ve been there for close to a week. Yesterday’s Trump rally location, which we will discuss later. Arizona hitting their single day record yesterday, same day as a Trump rally doesn’t really bode well for 10 days from now.

But more than thirty five hundred new cases in Arizona yesterday for the first time. So we have to realize that we are the bad eggs here.

We are that country that around the world, along with Brazil and Russia and India. I mean, we’re not unique in this way, but we are one of the worst. We are one of those bad eggs that around the world they say, hey, we’re doing well. Many countries are doing well. Let’s start to restart economies and let people in.

But we’ve got to keep the bad actors out. We are one of the bad actors right now. Now, this should not come as a shock. Our president admitted on Saturday that he wanted testing slowed down.

He confirmed it yesterday.

I’ll have video for you later. So when you hear the president wanted less testing, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that we’re not doing so well now. I hesitate to even open up this can of worms because it’s being considered. I’m going to mention it. There is the possibility that some of the states that are doing better are going to look at banning travel from other American states.

This is very complicated legally because of the law. Paul v. Virginia from, I believe, 1869, the Supreme Court defined freedom of movement in the United States as a right of free ingress to other states and egress from them. And that seems very cut and dry. But there’s many different layers and overlapping precedent when it comes to what is there in terms of what states can do to say we’re not letting people in from Florida or we’re not letting people in from Texas.

There are discussions happening about northeastern states saying we don’t want people coming here from those other places. Could be Massachusetts.

New York is looking at it. Is it possible that if certain states did that they would be allowed to send people to Europe on planes? We don’t know.

And it really depends more on Europe than it does on on us. The legal questions are complex. This is also going to cause absolute and total chaos. And it is going to start to get very ugly in the United States. If you start seeing and it’s being considered now certain states saying we are sort of going to isolate our state as if it were its own country.

And I mean, listen, I’ll maybe leave it there for now. If that happens, there will be many more conversations to have. Before we go to the break. I want to say thank you. We had something very special happen yesterday on the show yesterday.

You know, we’ve been doing the show for years and years and years. Yesterday, the same day, right. June. Twenty third. We had our best day for the audio podcast ever.

You go back to the start of the audio podcast. We had more listens to the audio podcast yesterday than ever in David Pakman show history. Also yesterday, on the same day, we had more people watch our clips on Facebook than ever before.

So yesterday was the best day in the David Pakman show’s history, storied history, controversial history ever in terms of Facebook views and podcast downloads. And I just have you guys to thank.

I so appreciate it. We’re going to be taking a couple days off the rest of this week to kind of put together a nice four day weekend. I think everybody deserves it. We’ve been going straight through really since we got back from the end of twenty nineteen break because of Corona virus.

There’s nowhere to go.

So we’ve been going straight through. So we’ll be taking some much needed time off for the next couple days. I’ll be coming to you from a very special location next week and then we’ll do one extra day off around the Fourth of July weekend. But thank you to everybody. Let me know where your state is in terms of the virus.

I’m on Twitter at David Pakman. We’ll take a quick break and be back after this..